Rat-A-Tat Rescue

Rescuing and Rehoming Small Furries Across the Country

Rehoming Your Pet

We are not currently taking any rats onto our premises at this time. Please see the home page for full explanation 


Rat-A-Tat Rescue is now closed 

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At Rat-A-Tat Rescue we never judge a person if they decide to give up their pet for whatever reason. If you have a rat who you can no longer care for please get in touch with us to see how we can help. 

Please note that we are a small home run rescue and we only have the facilities to take in small furries and our space is limited. When we reach full capacity we operate a waiting list and will always do our best to provide details of alternative rescues local to you.

When you surrender your pet to Rat-A-Tat Rescue, you will be asked to sign a release form. This is an agreement transferring legal ownership of the animals to us. Once this has been signed please be aware that we will not be able to return the animals to you.

Please rest assured that whilst with us your pet will be treated like one of our own. They will be housed in large cages, have daily free-range time and will be fed on a top quality homemade diet, and we only consider homes for adoption where your pet will continue to be treated in this way.

We operate a strict no-kill policy. We only ever euthanase an animal for humane reasons, for example if the animal has an untreatable condition and is suffering. No animal is ever euthanased because it is hard to rehome. Animals remain with us until they are found a suitable, secure, loving home and in the unlikely event that no home can be found they will become permanent residents.

If you wish we can keep you informed of your pets progress and let you know when they have found a new home, however we cannot disclose the details and whereabouts of the new owner.